Safari Siesta

I love animals as much as the next guy or girl – grew up with dogs and cats.  They love me, I love them.  Wildlife fascinates me as well.  I easily choose the National Geographic HD channel over “Everybody Loves Raymond” – most times anyways.

So enter the safari morning, starting at 5AM, at Yala National Park.  A group of 7 hopped in the back of a jeep truck to sit in the open aired rear section.  Let’s get to the point: I wasn’t too impressed.  Perhaps I was expecting the footage from the Nat Geo shows I had seen before?  Either way though, driving around for three hours to catch a 30 second glimpse of a leopard didn’t yell at me, “This is fantastic!”  Although for my friends and others it was – I guess I might just be a bit different.  So on that note, I want to share with you my favorite picture of the morning:

This might be my favorite safari photo -it’s enchanting and disorienting everytime I look at it.  Picture me sitting in the very rear of the jeep truck snapping pictures of the road…in the national park with wildlife to the left and right yelling at me to take their photos.  “Are you going to take our picture or what?” I can hear the monkeys grunting.

We did see some beautiful animals, and it was a must to go on a safari in Sri Lanka.  I am very grateful for the times.  And this encounter as well with a sneaky creature:

“You idiot safari tourists can’t find me.  I am a master in deception and can’t be found when I want to blend in.  Go back home.”

I am not going to throw out more animal shots – you can see better ones on the Discovery Channel.


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