The Day’s Second Safari

This is the relaxation I had planned for the day...

Before the jeep truck had left the park I was jarringly siesta-ing.  I slept the entire 40 minutes of the bumpy ride back to the Yala Village cabin.  That chasing leopards or cheetahs or evasive water buffalo really took it out of me.

We got back to our rooms at 11AM roughly, and it was there that Premisary and Doggy (Sri Lankan friends) asked me to go check out some temples.  I didn’t want to go, to be completely honest.  At the point I was templed-out having seen 10 or 20 before – couple that with I wanted to get on the internet, chill, perhaps do this blog (which was severely delayed).  But I try not to say “no” too often when I am travelling.  And I am VERY happy I took this day session with my buddies because I would have missed this:

This wild elephant visits his monk friends once a day in the evening to get his king’s coconut fix quenched.  Monkeys then take care of eating the rest of the tossed coconut.  But speaking of monkeys, they were up to their own antics.

Please follow the below three pictures in order without sneaking peeks.



Monkey Man is pondering his day’s accomplishments, his further goals for the rest of the year, and where he wants to dine out tonight.









Why, what’s going on over there?  That is so uncivilized.










I couldn’t stop chuckling while taking pictures. Premisary shook his head and looked down with a smile and Doggy cheered me on.  Classic stuff.


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