The First Day – Colombo, the capital

I honestly didn’t know too much about Sri Lanka before arriving to the island. I figured that the country’s capital wouldn’t be full of twig huts, but wasn’t sure if I would encounter Tijuana, Mexico, Bangkok, or some othe type of city-venue. I was simply anxious to experience the scene…whatever it would be.

The first day in Colombo started early in the morning. The main road was full of busses and cars moving around in the normal fashion for a third world country: there really wasn’t any order, but in that disorder everyone seemed to understand one another.

Along the road games was their street market. It flourishes in the mornings with fresh fruit, meat, fish, and vegetables along with the friendly activity of the locals. I was exposed to jack fruit, the king’s coconut, and more of this island’s new offerings. I love fruit, so I was excited – albeit sometimes it doesn’t take too much to get me intrigued and stoked on my surroundings.

The first local I came in contact with today approached me on the sidewalk and asked where I was from. His English was beautiful (being colonized by the British for 150 years has some pros I guess?), and he was genuinely curious to get some of my thoughts. After a few minutes I felt as though I had made my first local friend. It was a good sign.

I have a good feeling with the people here; I can’t wait to drink more king’s coconuts….


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