In Transit via Singapore

Changi Airport Singapore 1230AM

Changi Airport Singapore 1230AM

Kind of lost a day with the travelling. Slept on and off, irregularly through two flights totaling 17 hours of sky time. I ate more food in a day and a half on those planes, without moving around too much, than I have in quite some time. I think I am good for the next few days. The Japan Air flight from Tokyo to Singapore was spacious, comfortable, friendly, and full of siestas. Saw a first on a plane – the tv that the whole cabin can view actually showed what the pilot was seeing for takeoff and for landing. Exhilarating to watch the landing…comes in pretty fast. Clearly the hours upon hours had affected my brain’s perception of what exhilarating means.

Singapore’s airport, Chiang airport, looks like a city at night. SO brightly lit and monstrously huge. It was after midnight when I arrived, and the place was a zoo still- every store still open. 5am to 1am apparently, excluding the 24-hour mini market with booze.

I already feel like kissing Singapore and I have been in the airport for about 30 minutes. People are very friendly. And there is no other airport in the world that I would rather spend the night in. Wow. From the sleeping arrangements to the bathrooms to the free internet, to the all night open mini market. This place is an in-transit person’s dream home. Too bad I messed up my time schedule on the flights over here – my sleep was not consistent…even with 20 Al Green songs, and yes, some annoying kids playing with a ball at night.


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