Leaving USA

In LAX airport. Let me get this straight – we are not allowed to bring in our own water bottles past the security gates to enter the boarding area. OK, Richard Reid and the crew did us no help there. Searching through a few convenient stores in the terminal I realize that all of the bottles are the 12-ounce nothing sizes. That is not going to cut it – I need mucha agua for this 12 hour plus flight. Finally found a 1.5 liter size – awesome. “That will be $4.79.” Seriously, not cool. I get the same product in grocery stores for $1.50. I understand that airport shops need to make their profit, but this is going too far. We are forced to buy water inside the terminal, and then we are succinctly price gouged with an atrocious amount. That hurt. My water tastes good though.

The check-in lady here at LAX was as a gem. I don’t think she was capable of smiling. Not smooth. Let’s stick to the positive though….


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