Negombo Fish Market and the Tour Begins

Negombo Fishing Market - 3AM

Negombo Fishing Market - 3AM

Today began our tour. But before that we went to a morning fisherman’s mecca in Negombo. About 1.5 hours outside of Colombo. We were in a haze from the night before when we left at 1AM this morning. Darting through the dark side streets in the fishing village, we caught up to a fairly large load truck. Ducking in and out of awareness, we all heard the squeal. A dog had just been run over by the front left tire of the truck, sort of alive for a split second, then crushed by the back left tire. The driver didn’t even seem to consider slowing down or stopping.

But I didn’t feel too much beyond a bit of a shock at first sight. Then I realized that this is a wild dog, no one’s pet. Not that it makes it alright, but easier not to feel horrible for the family I guess?

The port was full of a variety of fish, shark, and manta ray. The scene turned into stock exchange for a bit with the shipments laid out. Was a sight to behold.

About midday we met Samantha, our driver for the next two weeks and off to Kandy we went for the Perahera parade.

Samantha, the Buddhist driver

Samantha, the Buddhist driver


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