8/18 TreeHouse Times Arrive

Hotel in DambullaI am not a true hotelier. But this trip is thankfully stretching my comfort zones with the different ambience. I’m surrounded with beautiful designs, comfort, and politeness. But the stuff I get the most out of a trip is not from the bed and room I sleep in. It is not the food I eat – wait, that is a lie. I love trying all the foods I can. Back to the original train of thought – it is not the cleanliness of the bathroom and abundance of hot water for a shower (I took cold showers for three months straight on other travel times). It is about those smiles. Those gestures of warmth saying nothing else than, “Hey, I am glad you came to my country.” It is the simple people times that make me yearn for more. Enter my new friends made at Sigiriya UNESCO World Heritage Site.

the treehouse's farm

After showing me the homemade bombs he has around his joint to throw at trespassing elephants in hunt for some onions (he stayed there to protect his friend’s onion farm), we decided to walk to the nearby lake – not before grabbing a bottle of Arrack, the local coconut-derived hard alcohol. I am not able to download the video on this yet, but the following photos give an idea of the fabulous times we shared. Talking about their society, about America and what they thought it to be about, and pretty much in general laughing with each other on a leisurely afternoon.

And the Arrack effects begin…The Arrack Drinks Taking Hold
And the Ipod came out…they wanted to hear some Michael Jackson
I haven’t figured out how to get my videos on this blog yet, and the footage is a necessity to see. Mishka is owning it, whiile Samantha chants along.


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