Cricket Calls

We paid about $2.50 to get into a match between India and Sri Lanka – this is a serious rivalry, to say the least. The crowd was full of music, flags, and energy. I think I saw four women in the times spent at the match– can you say male-dominated day?

Thoughts of the cricket times: these guys throw like pansies. I played baseball in high school, wasn’t anything too special, but I repeatedly had the thought flashing in my head, “I can take these guys.” OK, maybe I voiced this a few times to my friends as well…only to receive polite smiles and a quick change of conversation.

The people in the crowd were openly united together – friends and strangers alike. I was handed a Sri Lankan flag, and later I began waving it around with both hands yelling, “Are we worried?” as goes the chant. This is recited when a team is being beaten, and can hopefully come back from the deficit. Sri Lanka got killed – my chanting did not help, but not for lack of energy.

Speaking with three boys sitting down in the bleachers (the ones that let me use their flag), one of them pointed to their friend at the end and clearly asked, “My friend is beautiful yes?” Sure, I am stumped sometimes, but it has been awhile since I really had no idea what was going on in a conversation. I have no problem being around homosexuals, or heterosexuals for that matter, but I just did not understand why this 13 year old was asking me if his male 13 year old friend was beautiful. Interesting though. Not sure how to answer I smiled, lamely chuckled in a muffled manner, handed back the flag, and continued learning about the game I could own if given the shot.

The closest boy asked me the question about the beauty of the boy farthest from him. Wait- oh I get it now. I am a bit slow. Look at his hand placement. This could get me started on how I still don’t quite get the people on this prosperous island. But that is another story…on to the next.


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