Those Meetings That Mean More

My friends I travelled with (Jay and Natasha – not so sure why I just mentioned their names now and not before?) and I decided to stay at the Ella Adventure Park hotel. Rather than do any adventures around the sleeping grounds, we spent time in the common area. Beautifully built in treated wood, this area basically said, “Stay here, you guest. Do not leave on a hike. Hang out for a bit.” OK.

We met an English family (two sons 7 and 10, mother and father) the first night during dinner, and it took all of 10 minutes to be invited over to their table for some drinks and stories. The make-up of the fam: the mother was the lively party personality, the youngest son was a mellow (he actually slept the whole night at the dinner table, so he had to be mellow by description), the other son who showed his acting skills, his singing talents (sang “You’re Beautiful” with a brilliant tone- even nailing the line with “you’re F***ing beautiful to his parents approvals”), and the wise and experienced father.

Jasper decided to mess up his hair like mine.  The look works better for him - clearly.

Jasper decided to mess up his hair like mine. The look works better for him - clearly.

The dad turned out to be a internet guru who started a medical site and then sold it. He decided to retire for a year and be with his family – good man. But the insights were truly golden. A few of the memories and quotes: “Leadership is behavior”, Landmark Forum which turned Jasper (the outgoing actor/singer) into his boistrous self from a shy personality, and in general the dynamics of the family – especially how they took the piss out of their own kids. Classic.
part of the common area with the game board

part of the common area with the game board

The next day I was writing in my journal and reading in the common area, and fell into conversation with a lady whose son and husband were off trekking through all the adventures that I was being too lazy not to partake in. She ended the conversation with saying how she wished she had travelled when she was younger – sorry to hear that from her, but glad to know that I am on the road already.

This 24-hour period was full of learning from the family, and from the random mother as well. Have you ever met someone that just made sense for the time in your life? Well, these people and what they said fit that bill. It was a sincere pleasure to learn with them and get their respective perspectives. Enough of this…onto more of the trip.


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