The Tea Factory Hotel

No other hotel on the Sri Lanka trip will make its own entry. But I would be doing a disservice to myself and you if I didn’t give some of the views and thoughts on this tea factory turned brilliant hotel. The Tea Factory made me rethink my “hostels are so much better than hotels” inclination.

This is an old tea factory completely remodeled for fine dining and comfortable sleeping times. Walking in feels like embarking

See how I felt as though we were on the water?

See how I felt as though we were on the water?

on a cruise – 90% of the time (roughly) I felt as though I were in a boat.

In 1867 a Scotsman named James Taylor came to Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon) and within a decade changed the coffee focus to a tea country. Today the tea industry still flourishes in Sri Lanka. Wait though, I don’t want to get into the history anymore than that. Check this view out from my room one evening:

Bottomline, if you are ever in the tea country of Sri Lanka do not miss staying at this place. I have never been in a hotel before where I felt everything was worth it.


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